Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Here's the Answers

(A cheat sheet for you!)
  • We're located in Sheridan (half-way between Kokomo & Indy).
  • Products are: 80 proof Vodka, 114 proof (Naval Strength) Vodka, Gin, Blackberry Cordial and Whiskey 88. 
    Coming soon - Whiskey 114!
  • All products are distilled in Sheridan, IN.
  • All Vodka & Gin products are corn based.
  • All Vodkas are gluten free.
  • The Juniper in our Gin in grown in Sheridan & Zionsville, Indiana.
  • Botanicals in our gin come from 5 continents (N & S America, Europe, Africa, and Asia).
  • We started this business in 2010.
  • Started selling booze Fall of 2017.
  • Whiskey 88 is distilled from corn.
  • Whiskey 114 is distilled from 51% corn and 49% wheat, barley, rye, or some combination of those 3 ingredients.
  • As of August, 2019, we are in about 60 liquor stores and a handful of restaurants & bars.
  • Our still is a 500 liter copper still made in Portugal.
  • We are open for tours weekends, 7:30 am - ? (or anytime our flags are flying)!
  • We have an antique shop & gift shop at our distillery.
  • We will have tastings at the distillery this Fall if we can get the permit.  We can sell booze at the distillery then too, and serve drinks.  Hours if permitted will be Th-Su 11:00 am -7:00 pm.
  • Owners are:
    • Mark Schilling (President, Distiller, & Toilet Cleaner)
    • Steve Specht (Vice-President, Distiller, & ---)
    • Greg Albershardt (Vice-President, Distiller, & Copper Polisher)
  • To our knowledge, corn is from Indiana.  Wheat, barley, & rye varies.

Soupley's, Kokomo, IN