About Us

How We Began

During the “Great Experiment” of Prohibition, many Americans experimented with the practice of creative-engineering (to let “those with tamborines” feel good about themselves) by indulging in homemade “craft” concoctions. In this fashion our family has been in the distilling business for ninety years…

A 12-year dream to produce premium distilled spirits right here in Indiana will finally come true this summer for longtime friends Steve Specht, Greg Albershardt and Mark Schilling.

Where we are now

The doors of the trio's business venture are open. Awaiting curious visitors is an up-close look at the distilling process of vodka and a chance to shop for unique gifts and antiques.

The distillery is nestled in a Hoosier poplar barn in Sheridan, right on Indiana 47. 

The gift shop and antique store will feature official distillery-licensed collectibles as well as an eclectic swath of unique antiques, gifts and gently used books. Handmade cigars will be available as well as alcohol-and-smoking related merchandise and tasteful pin ups.

Three owners of Hunt Club Distillery in Indiana

Spanky, O'Greg, & S.W.

A sneak peak at our store.